Masturbation Said Yes But Mercy Said No

I really think one of the least favorable things to discuss is one’s struggle with masturbation. It is always easier to talk about masturbation in a joking sense but the conversation can become extremely difficult when talking about it from a struggling perspective. Masturbation is a struggle. In the beginning you may find yourself masturbating for pleasure but later find yourself masturbating because you feel like you don’t have a choice. The world is so corrupt that some places even have masturbation marathons, which helps masturbation appear to be socially acceptable because, “Everyone does it.” Or at least has done it. Or even tried to do it; successfully or not. I remember one day trying to check my Facebook page but somehow a website about masturbation popped up. I was a little creeped out because I had not been looking for any information about masturbation but it is clear that God wanted me to examine the content on the page. The website concerning what the Bible says about masturbation changed my perceptive on masturbation forever because it was then that God had shown me His stance on the activity. During high school and currently in college, masturbation is always one of those conversations that is brought up and leaves the crowd feeling awkward. My idea was that masturbation was a normal part of puberty, especially for males. Although puberty is usually the time when individuals discover masturbation, there is nothing normal about it at all. It is time to expose masturbation to be as wicked and perverted as it truly is. I am not here to offend nor am I here to bring comfort. I desire to share truth so that many who are in bondage to masturbation and pornography may be set free.

As we should with everything, ask God to help you receive and extract all valuable information as you watch the video below.






Frustrated with Myself.

I did it again.
Like a crack addict addicted to crack,
I am addicted to myself.
Seeking quick fixes.
Temporary highs with devastating lows.
Trying to satisfy the lust of my flesh,
With solo trips,
With solo voyages,
In darkness.
Despite disgust, guilt, shame, condemnation.
Knowing what I’m supposed to do,
Continuing to do what I’m not supposed to
Like Paul in Romans 7.
Justifying my sin because of the lesser consequences than fornication.
Losing my respect for people.
Losing my respect for places.
Doing whatever it takes wherever to fulfill my high.
Masturbation becomes my god.
My idol.
My controller.
My oppressor.
My dirty little secret that keeps me bound.
Why do I feel so out of control?
I’m not sleeping around.
I’m sleeping with myself.
The Madness, The Misery of Masturbation

“God Bless You.”
“I’m Blessed.”
Saying what I need to say to maintain my front.
“Aw, you’re such a good brother.”
Constant compliments from brothers and sisters
Add on to my guilt.
Soon as I get to church I am well greeted.
“Welcome, brother.”
But do you know what I just did.
The Madness, The Misery of Masturbation
I can’t look at my hands.
My hands are so dirty.
No matter how many times I wash my hands,
No matter how much soap I use,
My hands still feel dirty.
Even though I know it’s wrong,
I keep doing the same thing
Over and over and over again.
The Madness, The Misery of Masturbation

Turning on the tv,
Lustful images fill the screen
At 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon.
Turning on the radio,
Enticing lyrics over a hypnotic beat
At 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon.
Man, I’m just all messed up.
The Madness, The Misery of Masturbation

Pornography is masturbation’s best friend.
Exposing myself to what I don’t need to see.
Lying to myself,
Saying I’m just going to watch.
Why can’t I just watch? But I can’t just watch.
The after effects of shame last longer than
The temporary pleasure of the drug of masturbation.
This is Madness. This is Misery.
The pain is outweighing the pleasure.
This is changing me.
Becoming selfish.
Becoming lonesome.
Not wanting to be around people.
Becoming self-consumed.
The Madness, The Misery of Masturbation

God, take this from me.
Confessing this sin of masturbation,
Of lust,
Of sexual immorality.
Asking for your forgiveness,
Receiving your forgiveness.
Conversing with friends about this,
Finding out many friends have the same weakness.
Praying for each other.
Holding each other accountable.
Satisfying my spirit,
Denying my flesh,
Through the word of God,
Stop watching all those crazy music videos.
Guarding my eyes.
Guarding my eyes from what I don’t need to see.
Stop listening to all those lust songs.
Guarding my ears.
Guarding my ears from what I don’t need to hear.
Frustrated with myself.
I did it again.
The Madness, The Misery of Masturbation

No matter how many times I fall,
Through frustration,
Fighting against myself.
Looking to victory.
Looking to determination.
Going through withdrawal.
Rough nights.
Frustrated with myself.
I did it again.
Night sweats. Heart beats fast.
Resisting temptation.

The Lord is blessing me with clean hands.
My hands are clean.
My hands are clean.
My heart is clean.

Looking to victory,
Looking to determination,
Defeating the drug of masturbation.
Madness is replaced with liberty.
Misery is replaced with freedom.

A Cry for My Brothers and My Sisters
Who Struggle with Masturbation

Heavenly Father,
Lord of Hosts,
In the name of Jesus,
We, your sons and your daughters,
Cry to you Lord.
Thank you Jesus.
We bless you Lord.
We praise you Lord.
We turn to you Jesus.
We confess our sin of masturbation,
Of lust,
Of sexual immorality,
Of selfishness.
We repent.
We repent, we turn away from the sin of masturbation.
Lord, we ask for your forgiveness.
We receive your forgiveness.
Lord, create in us clean hearts.
Bless us with clean hands.
Bless us with self-control.
Lord, help us to live holy,
Through your word,
Through fasting and prayer,
We bind condemnation in the name of Jesus.
We bind shame in the name of Jesus.
We loose peace in the name of Jesus.
We loose encouragement in the name of Jesus.
We will not be defeated.
We overcome masturbation through Christ.
The Lord is Our Deliverer.
Lord of Hosts, deliver your people.
Deliver your people in the name of Jesus.


Similar to the effects of masturbation mentioned in the poem above by Mr.Brown, masturbation will make you feel ashamed, worthless, embarrassed, and dirty (Just to name a few). After a spirit of masturbation gets you to fulfill its needs it will bring the worst condemnation until it wants to be fed again. When Satan is done using you, he dismisses you until he wishes to use you again. Being in bondage to masturbation and/or pornography is no joke. Although some have independent hardships with either masturbation or pornography, the two are usually dependent on each other. It is important to starve pornography as it gives fuel to masturbation, keeping lustful images in the mind of individuals. I think the struggle with masturbation is unique because of the following reasons. A. It can be done in privacy so no one has to know (Well not really because God and His angels are there). B. It can be done without anyone else so it is STD and pregnancy free. C. It fulfills the sexual desires constantly expressed by society. D. You may find sexual relations with others useless because you feel that no one can fulfill you sexually better than you can. If the orgasm isn’t reached righteously, let it go.

I came across the site, Porn Free, which provides encouraging testimonies of those who have been delivered from bondage to masturbation and porn (To view the article look on the left under the section titled “Sex&God” then click “Author’s Story”). Additionally, below is a video on a young woman who wanted to share her testimony about being delivered from masturbation. Regardless of sex and age, I believe this video is be able to help many. Just when you begin to feel like you are struggling alone and that your struggle is impossible to overcome, testimonies like Dameco’s gives hope to those who so badly want to give up.

What helps? I have a few suggestions. 1. Play Gospel music as often as you can. If possible, don’t turn it off at all. The music should cause tension in your mind when you are thinking on things that are unrighteous. If you can think about smoking weed while listening to your Gospel music, get rid of the music NOW! If you are genuinely serving the Lord you should find it very uncomfortable listening to music exalting the Lord and thinking of pornographic images at the same time. And once that discomfort comes, don’t make the mistake of dismissing the thought of God so that the impure thoughts can remain. 2. Be careful of what you see and hear! There is no such thing as just watching porn. Once the images begin to roll, masturbation is preparing itself for duty. 3. Cast down all imaginations. It is so important to not think about masturbation because it only increases the desire. It might begin with daydreaming about sex then it leads to thinking about porn then you’ll find yourself contemplating whether you should masturbate or not. A few weeks ago I wrote an article on the importance of A Pure Mind. 4. Be mindful of the clothing you wear. Dressing modestly can limit the sexual attraction expressed  by others. And for some, limiting time spent in the shower and unclothed helps. 5. Limit your time alone. If being in your room increases the chances of you masturbating, get out of there! The devil loves to get us alone because it gives him an advantage during temptation. Unless Satan has you bound to a point where you no longer have self-control, you won’t masturbate in public. Don’t take the self-control lightly because if given enough authority, Satan will have you doing things you would have never imagined. Similar to how some of you may have said that you would never be in bondage to masturbation and/or pornography. Satan and his angels do not have any discretion and it is a terrible thing when they have so much power that they can make an individual do something with one simple command.

I want to encourage all who may be struggling with masturbation. As difficult as it may be to talk about, seek God to see if/who He wishes for you to discuss the struggle with. Satan hates to be exposed and keeping this dirty little secret can cause the spirit of masturbation and pornography to thrive. It is important to address this stronghold because each time one masturbates the situation gets worse. Each time an individual watches porn another image is embedded in their mind. Each time an individual masturbates they practice sexual immortality. Some may try to negotiate when comparing masturbation to fornication as masturbation being the lesser of the two evils, but there is no such thing. Masturbation is just as bad. Just take time to really consider how wicked and perverted thoughts have to be to perform masturbation. Matthew 5:29-30 (NIV):29 If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. 30 And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.” As you recognize the severity of sin as a whole, also realize that you aren’t alone. Masturbation being common doesn’t justify it as being right. However, I do believe knowing masturbation is a common denominator among many may help with overcoming the lies that an individual is battling against something they think is unique to them. Romans 6:13 (NIV): ” Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to Him as instruments of righteousness.”  Ask Him to help you not abuse and misuse your reproductive organs. Ask God to help you use your mind and hands to bring Him glory. Just ask Him.

Be encouraged. God is our Deliverer and He can remove all strongholds from our lives. Cry out to God. Call on the name of Jesus. Starve the flesh. Starve what feeds lust.  Fast to beat down the flesh. Fill idle time with productivity. Let your love for God outshine your flesh’s desire to sin. Pray and ask God to renew your mind, daily. It is extremely important that He erases the perverted imagines printed in the mind of individuals struggling with masturbation. Deliverance is real and it can be done. Some days you may win with the help of Christ and some days you may feel like you lost without Him. Remember that overcoming any struggle is impossible if we approach it by trying to fight it with our own strength. Ask God to take porn and masturbation from you and mean it as genuinely as you can. Trust in His power. Believe in His truth.

I know discussing masturbation may be difficult for some but if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to email me at .

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6 responses to “Masturbation Said Yes But Mercy Said No

  • Martin Lewis

    I absolutely love that this disease is being attacked so freely and unrelentingly. I remember back when I had a serious issue with this very subject (which as you stated now, seems to be promoted and marketed through today’s media). I thank God first and foremost for putting this on your heart to write about in your posts, because it’s not necessarily the most “safe” topic to write about but nevertheless it was definitely a topic that needed to be addressed. Knowing today’s society and cultural values I am fully aware of the pressure that is put on people in general about sex.

    As aforementioned I too had a problem with this ordeal as I was also under the facade of me being of the world instead of JUST from it. Society had me to believe that I was doing the right thing by getting my “game, knowledge, skill, etc.” up on sexual related activities. Which I realize now is meant to be only expressed within the confines of a healthy marriage. Realizing that the only reason God made so much pleasure available during these actions is because he wanted to reward his GREATEST creation (man) for enduring the fight against temptation. Sadly we have gone back on certain covenants and made the relationship between man and God weak, but luckily he sent himself in the form of man to be our redeemer.

    I definitely remember that in one of my first attempts to fight against masturbation I reached out to Dameco and the people at the P4CM camp for a little guidance. I would definitely recommend you doing the same for a little added firepower to you arsenal, but as even she said, THAT WONT BE ENOUGH. I also would recommend the use of an accountability partner, but there is a certain art to choosing such a partner even. Your accountability partner shouldn’t be of the sex that you’re attracted to, and they should also be firmly ground in their belief in the lord. The reason I make these pre-requisites about accountability partners is because I know firsthand the price of making one of these mistakes. The first mistake can lead to you becoming emotionally attached to your accountability partner because you literally have to become completely transparent with these people. Subconsciously you opening yourself up in this manner can lead to feeling literally attached to an individual even though yours and their initial intentions were all good. The second mistake, the one about your accountability partner not being grounded in the lord kinda results in the same outcome as the first mistake, except instead of you feeling overly attracted to your partner, your partner begins to feel overly attracted to you, or even worse than that, they don’t provide the right conviction after your telling them the sinful thoughts& actions you’ve indulged in. All of this leads to a samsara, or vicious circle of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. With all this being said, the only true way to overcome this you’ve already done by reading this post an thus becoming closer to God. I’m sure the author of this post would be glad to help you with overcoming this if you are female, if you’re a male my name is Martin and I’ll be glad to lend a helping hand. You can also reach out to the P4CM camp by going to their website as I know we all would steer you in the right direction. May peace be among you all.

  • Cristal

    Thank you for being bold enough to touch a sticky topic. Your depth of information will surely set many people free. I pray those struggling will be led to this post. I hope they are completely set free.

    • Thee Potter's Hand


      I will admit that this was a very difficult article to write. I too pray that individuals may be set free from masturbation. Many people struggle and not enough confess and expose. These secret sins will eat us up spiritually and mentally. No one should have to suffer or live in bondage. I thank God for giving me the strength to write it.

      God Bless you!

  • chr1stl1ke

    Thanks for sharing this information with us brother. I also agree with Cristal that these information will indeed help who ever is struggling with this addiction. God bless you and keep letting the Lord use you to bring Him glory!

  • Kenyata Gathers

    Im so comforted right now tht im not alone

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